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Free VMware Practice Tests 2023

One of the best ways to prepare for the VMware exam is to take VCP practice tests. VCP practice tests are designed to simulate the actual exam and test your knowledge of VMware’s products and solutions. They are a great way to identify areas where you need to improve and to get familiar with the exam format.

There are many VCP practice tests available online, and some of them are free. You can also purchase VCP practice tests from VMware or from other vendors. When selecting a VCP practice test, make sure it is up-to-date and covers the topics that will be on the exam

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Understanding the VCP Test and Its Format

The VMware Certified Professional (VCP) exam is a computer-based test that consists of multiple-choice questions. The exam is designed to test your ability to install, configure, and manage VMware’s virtualization solutions. The VCP exam is divided into two parts: the VMware vSphere 6 Foundations Exam and the VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Exam. The Foundations Exam consists of 65 questions, and the Data Center Virtualization Exam consists of 70 questions.

The VCP exam is a timed test, and you will have 120 minutes to complete each exam. The passing score for each exam is 300 out of 500 points. You must score at least 300 points to pass each exam. If you fail an exam, you will have to wait for 7 days before you can retake the exam. You can take the exam at any Pearson VUE testing center worldwide.


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VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist (5V0-31.20) Practice exam Updated April 2023

The VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist  practice exam consists of 70 questions, and you will have 120 minutes to complete the exam. In order to pass the exam, you must achieve a score of at least 70%.

Once you have successfully passed the 5V0-31.20 practice exam with a score of at least 70%, you will receive a certificate via email.

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An administrator has been tasked with updating license keys in a VMware Cloud Foundation
environment. These licenses include:
* VMware vSphere
* VMware vSAN
* VMware vCenter Server
* VMware NSX-T Data Center
Where must an administrator go in order to update the specified license keys?

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While assessing an environment for VMware Cloud Foundation, it was relayed that the enterprise is
expanding their global presence with multiple data centers in order to simplify their IT operations
without increasing their IT staff
How can this goal be achieved?

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An SDDC administrator wants to enable vSphere with Kubremetes on the Management Domain.
Within the SDDC Manager, the cluster is not visible on the lists of compatible and incompatible
clusters in Workload Management Deployment window
What is the reason the cluster is not visible?

4 / 70

What is the correct syntax to collect SDDC Manager logs to Amp folder while performing health

5 / 70

Which role is required to edit backup configuration in SDDC Manager?

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An administrator has been tasked with adding capacity to an existing workload domain. The new
hosts have hosts arrived but will need to be prepared before they can be added to VMware
Which two steps must be performed to facilitate imaging with the VMware Imaging Appliance?
(Choose two )

7 / 70

A system administrator noticed that a third-party certificate has expired in one of the VMware Cloud
Foundation component resources. The administrator must replace the expired certificate.
Which pre-requisite step is required for this process?

8 / 70

An administrator is deploying a workload domain that is composed of three cluster with 32 hosts
What is the minimum NSX-T Manager from factor that must be deployed in the VMware Cloud
Foundation management domain?

9 / 70

SDDC Manager has been configured to use a Microsoft Certificate Authority. The administrator must
replace certificates for the VI workload domain. What is the first step that must be taken to complete
this task?

10 / 70

An Architect is commission hosts with a Multi-NIC configuration where Management and vMotion
traffic are assign to a vSphere Distributed Switch with 2 uplinks.
What is one advantage to using VLAN-banked traffic to the physical switches from the vSPhere
Distributed Switch?

11 / 70

Which use case is valid for a Stretch Cluster design in a VMware Cloud Foundation Workload

12 / 70

An Enhanced Linked Mode of vCenter Server is being used to easily log in to every vCenter Server
instance How many vCenter Server instances in a single vCenter Single Sign-On domain are

13 / 70

During a design discussion around VMware Cloud Foundation, it was identified that
• The customer has workloads that have requirements related to logical load balancing
• The customer would like to size the different Edge nodes based on application requirements
How can these requirements be met when planning for VMware Cloud Foundation NSX-T Edge
deployment through SDDC Manager?

14 / 70

Which two prerequisites are required to create vSphere with Tanzu namespace? (Choose two.)

15 / 70

An administrator is tasked with configuring VMware Cloud Foundation NSX-T environment tor
dynamic routing. Which routing protocol must be used?

16 / 70

An administrator did not deploy and configure Application Virtual Networks (AVN) during the initial
VMware Cloud Foundation bring-up process. Which statement is correct?

17 / 70

What is a valid use case for using multiple clusters in a workload domain?

18 / 70

A customer would like to add capacity to run virtual machines with archiving software. Which
workload domain can he used if NFS is the principal storage?

19 / 70

Which architectural deployment type/model is supported?

20 / 70

Which step should be followed to restore SDDC Manager using the OVF tool?

21 / 70

Which two statements accurately characterize vSphere Pods? (Choose two )

22 / 70

A system administrator wants to configure 4 NICs and 2 vDS, where primary vDS is used for
Management Traffic, vMotion, Host Overlay, Edge Overlay, and Uplink networks.
Which vDS profile does the administrator need to set?

23 / 70

A company has data centers in New York, Berlin, and Hong Kong and would like to make cross-region
visibility possible How can this goal be achieved?

24 / 70

What is the valid server type within SDDC Manager that should be used when registering an external
server for the file-based backup of VMware NSX Managers?

25 / 70

Which two components are included in the NSX-T upgrade process within VMware Cloud
Foundation? (Choose two.)

26 / 70

An administrator needs to import a cluster image (exported from vLCM) into Cloud Foundation.
Which file is optional to import?

27 / 70

A new security vulnerability has been identified in SSL. The VMware vCenter appliances in the
company's latest VMware Cloud Foundation environment have been found to be impacted VMware
has released an updated ISO and upgrade bundle.
Which method should the administrator use to remediate this security vulnerability?

28 / 70

A system administrator needs to perform an image based backup of SDDC Manager using VMware
vSphere Storage APIs - Data Protection Which type of backup must be performed to reduce the
backup time and storage cost?

29 / 70

Which two statements are correct about VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) license editions'' (Choose

30 / 70

A customer wishes to integrate their VMware Cloud Foundation deployment with Microsoft CA to be
used for SDDC certificate rotation. Which three requirement achieve this configuration? (Choose

31 / 70

An administrator adds permissions to a namespace m vSphere with Tanzu.
Which prerequisite must be satisfied before a user or group can be assigned to a namespace?

32 / 70

An administrator has been tasked with enabling north/south routing and the consumption of
additional network services by deploying an NSX Edge Cluster into a VMware Cloud Foundation
The following information is available:
• There is only one Workload Domain.
• The Workload domain contains two vSphere Clusters.
• One of the vSphere Clusters is a Stretched Cluster
• All hosts within the Workload Domain are identical.
• The physical network uses both the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Bidirectional Forwarding
Detection (BFD) protocol
Which statement is true when considering the deployment of an NSX Edge Cluster in this situation?
Which statement is true when considering the deployment of an NSX Edge Cluster in this situation?

33 / 70

An administrator creates a management domain using the VMware Cloud Bulkier appliance Which
type of storage must be used as principal storage for the management domain?

34 / 70

Which two statements regarding MTU size should be considered prior to executing a deployment of
VMware Cloud Foundation? (Choose two.)

35 / 70

An administrator creates a vSphere with Tanzu namespace.
Which two limits can be defined in namespace? (Choose two )

36 / 70

Which two integrations, in addition to computing resources, are provided in vSPhere with Tanzu to
deliver a native experience (Choose two.)

37 / 70

Which two components are required to support the initial bring-up of an automated VMware Cloud
Foundation 4 x deployment? (Choose two)

38 / 70

Where can NSX T be used in VMware Cloud Foundation?

39 / 70

A customer is planning to upgrade NSX r in a VMwarc Cloud Foundation consolidated deployment to
unlock new features. Which factor must be considered during this planning phase?

40 / 70

A system administrator is creating an NSX-T Edge cluster with two-tier routing to the workload
domain. The administrator select Workload Management as a use case which requires Large Edge
Form Factor.
What are the hardware specifications of an NSX Edge Large appliance?

41 / 70

Which two Password Management options are available for passwords that are locally manage med
within VMware SDDC Manager? (Choose two.)

42 / 70

Which network type within SDDC Manager must be added to the Network Pool to support the deployment of a Workload Domain that will only use vSAN storage?

43 / 70

An administrator has been tasked with deploying a VMware Cloud Foundation Workload Domain
Stretched Cluster that consists of eight (8) hosts hour (4) hosts have been successfully deployed and
commissioned in Availability Zone 1 (AZ1).
All other required prerequisites have been met The administrator has started the procedure of
stretching the VMware vSAN cluster by creating a new network pool in Availability Zone 2 (AZ2)
What is the next step in the procedure?

44 / 70

An administrator is tasked with creating a federation between five VMware Cloud Foundation
instances. What is the number of SDDC Manager instances that must be assigned the controller role
to enable HA?

45 / 70

Which disk configuration is supported by VMware Cloud Builder and can be used for VMware vSAN
in VMware Cloud foundation environment?

46 / 70

What is required when creating storage policies for vSphere with Tanzu?

47 / 70

For which VLAN must a DHCP server be configured prior to performing the VMware Cloud
Foundation bring up process?

48 / 70

An administrator must upgrade an existing ESXi cluster that is part of a VMware Cloud Foundation
environment with a predefined image. Including firmware and vendor add-ons.
Which method should the administrator use to perform the upgrade?

49 / 70

Which two host network types may have IP address assigned by VMware Cloud Foundation? (Choose

50 / 70

An administrator has been tasked with increasing the available capacity within an existing Cloud
Foundation deployment to support the deployment of a production Workload Management cluster.
The VMware Cloud Foundation environment consists of a single workload called Production. The
Production workload domain consists of a single vSAN Cluster called Production-01 that existing
Virtual Machines. During the original deployment, even through automated firmware updates were
not required, the Production workload domain was configured to use vSphere Lifecycle Images to
automate its ongoing lifecycle management.
Four new hosts have been commissioned in SDDC Manager to support Workload Management. The
new hosts are identically configured to the hosts that are currently deployed into the Production-01
Which process must the administrator complete to enable Workload Management?

51 / 70

Which two actions are prerequisites for upgrading VMware Cloud Foundation 4 x? (Choose two.)

52 / 70

An administrator is tasked with deploying a new workload domain into an existing VMware Cloud
Foundation environment. Which two storage types are supported? (Choose two.)

53 / 70

What is the advantage of using spwie and leaf underlay network over hierarchical multi-tier topology
used in VMware Cloud Foundation?

54 / 70

An administrator creates network pools in preparation for the workload domain. Which two values
must be defined in the network pool configuration? (Choose two )

55 / 70

A management domain Each workload domain is comprised of two Clusters with 19 hosts in each.
There is a requirement to keep the NSX-T Manager instances to a minimum for ease of management
Which NSX-T Manager VM appliance sizing option should the architect choose to support the
workload domains using the minimum number of NSX-T Manager clusters?

56 / 70

The VMware Cloud Foundation management domain has been deployed, and post-deployment tasks
can now be completed. The administrator needs to configure Single Sign-On for VMware Cloud
Foundation user authentication.
Which two authentication sources can be used to accomplish this task? (Choose two )

57 / 70

An administrator has deleted an NSX manager application from the management domain by accident
and now needs to restore the NSX Manager application as soon as possible.
Which three steps are necessary to accomplish this goal? (Choose three)

58 / 70

An administrator is required to deploy a new workload domain for a new business unit that must use
its own NSX-I instance.
Which two Components will be deployed in the management domain during the workload domain
creation? (Choose two.)

59 / 70

An administrator wants to configure a stretched cluster and needs to configure vMotion, Which type
of network connection is supported for vMotion.

60 / 70

Which action must be performed to add a user to VMware Cloud foundation?

61 / 70

What is the minimum required number of hosts when deploying the VMware Cloud Foundation
Management Domain?

62 / 70

What is the maximum recommended MTU value for all non-management VLANs within VMware
Cloud Foundation?

63 / 70

Which prerequisite is correct for vRealize Automation when deploying vRealize Suite components
using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager?

64 / 70

An architect is tasked with designing a new VMware Cloud Foundation environment. The company
will purchase vSAN Ready Nodes for the management cluster but wants to make use of existing
investments where possible, including a significant investment made recently in an all-flash storage
array and 16GB FC fabric. The design must include this array wherever possible.
The company wishes to reuse existing ToR switching that will provide four 10GPs Ethernet connection
to each host and one 1Gbps out of band connection. The network will be a standard spine and leaf
topology with no layer-2 shared between racks of infrastructure. The ToR switches are each

connected to 4 spine switches, with one 10Gbps connection. The clusters must be spread across at-
least four racks to ensure maximum resiliency.

Which two constraints impact this design? (Choose two )

65 / 70

The administrator for an existing VMware Cloud Foundation instance has one management domain
(sfo-m01) and one workload domain (sfo-w01). The workload domain consists of two vSphere
clusters (sfo-w01-ci01 and sfo-w01-cl02) using vSAN as principle storage.
The workload domain also includes an NSX-T Edge Cluster deployed in the default cluster (sfo-w01-
c01) of the workload domain. The first cluster (sfo-w01-c01) rack1, and the second cluster (sfo-w01-
c01) resides in rack 1.
A new project is underway, and the capacity of the second cluster (sfo-w0I cl02) of the workload
domain that will be consumed by vRealize Automation needs to be expanded Rack 1 is at capacity.

Eight additional hosts have been placed in rack 2 and cabled within the new rack. The network
architecture is an L3 spine leaf architecture.
Which cluster expansion type should be selected when expanding the second cluster using the SDDC
Manager UI?

66 / 70

Which set of options is acceptable for vSAN Failures to Tolerable (FTT) policy when creating a VI
Workload Domain from UI?

67 / 70

An administrator is tasked with preparing the hosts for a new VMware Cloud Foundation
environment. The new environment will be installed in a facility far away from the administrator, and
the hosts must be reachable remotely as soon as they are cable and powered-on in the rack. To
reduce cost the new hosts do not have out of band management.
Which two steps should the administrator take to prepare for this deployment? (Choose two.)

68 / 70

An architect has been tasked with designing a stretched workload domain between two sites in an
active configuration due to number of recent failures in the company’s infrastructure.

69 / 70

What is the benefit of placing vRealize Suite I ifecycle Manager on the cross-region Application
Virtual Network?

70 / 70

An administrator is preparing to enable the vSphere with Tanzu for workload management.
Which selection must be made when automating the deployment of the NSX-T Edge Cluster using
the SDDC Manager Ul (user interface)?

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The VMware exam is a rigorous test that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. By following the tips, tricks, and strategies outlined in this article, you can prepare for and ace the VMware exam. Remember to start studying early, use multiple resources, and focus on the exam objectives. By getting VCP certified, you can open up new career opportunities and increase your salary potential in the IT industry.